Dealflow November 2020

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Circular Economy

Biocycle Innovations Ltd. 

BioCycle Innovations Ltd are a pioneer in the production of biodegradable polymers, using only natural materials for an increasingly environmentally conscious world, providing an alternative to single use plastics. To date, the principal use of our biodegradable material is for the production of credible, fit for purpose 100% biodegradable tree shelters, however, the potential for future uses of our thermoset resin are vast.


Like new, but better. Refurbed is an online marketplace for refurbished electronics. Refurbished devices have been used before and were renewed through a 40-step process by our professional merchants. They are up to 40% cheaper and 100% more sustainable than new products.


At Syntoil we replace virgin carbon black with its sustainable replacement called recovered carbon black and it is made in a process of cleaning products from used tires recycling. Virgin carbon black is irreplaceable in rubber, plastics and paints industry. Today virgin carbon black is obtained in a process of burning fossil fuels. Here at Syntoil we don’t believe in burning and wasting important resources like used tires. Our industrial process is zero/less-waste and it is in line with the circular economy.

Origin by Ocean 

In the Nauvu® – neo-ecology biorefinery process, Origin by Ocean use harvested, and farmed sea and ocean grown biomass such as micro algae, bladder wrack and kelp, to produce natural and biologically sustainable ingredients for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics, domestic cleaning and pharma industries.


SilviBio creates seed coatings and soil additives to increase germination rates of tree and vegetable seeds in moisture deficit conditions.
We are working with UK public sector forestry organisations to reduce losses of their limited seed stocks due to poor germination performance and help them reach their annual tree planting targets.

Energy Transition

Brite Hellas SA

Brite has developed the nanomaterials for a highly transparent (80%) solar panel, currently optimized for use in greenhouses. Our technology is reducing energy-related operating costs in greenhouses, to ensure sustainable food supply and positive climate impact through CO2 emissions, reduction and dual use of land to agriculture and energy production.

Gravitricity Ltd

Gravitricity is an engineering R&D Company in Edinburgh developing grid-scale underground energy storage. The Company has 5 patents and is working with international winch partners Huisman Equipment BV. It has raised £1.5m in Seed Equity and £1m in innovation grants and is currently building a 250kW Concept Demonstrator.

Sol Chip 

Sol Chip is a leading energy harvesting company that offers maintenance-free everlasting solar batteries and solar-powered IoT communication platforms.
We provide sustainable power solutions for numerous applications, including precision agriculture, smart cities, and IoT.
Our patented solar-panel-on-a-chip, coupled with our breakthrough energy-efficient design reduces overall operating costs by over 50%.

Gelatex Technologies 

Gelatex Technologies is a Techstars-backed materials technology startup that invented the fastest method for bio-based nanofiber production. It is a platform technology that enables faster and up to 75% cheaper nanofiber production for applications like scaffolds for tissue engineering and cultured meat, bio-based filters, performance textiles, energy storage, and many other sustainability-related industries.


Sennen provides powerful, affordable, and effective data systems that facilitate the deployment and operation of new infrastructure in the clean energy sector.
Sennen’s technology is tailored to two industries; offshore wind and infrastructure investors, enabling clients to drive operational efficiency, improve asset management, and maximise revenue.


Zeigo is a climate-tech platform which deploys machine learning to reduce the complexities surrounding renewable energy procurement. Used by corporations, energy suppliers and renewable energy developers, Zeigo is the one-stop-shop for stakeholders to transition to clean energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and short-term contracts.

Future Mobility

Advanced Dynamics Pte. Ltd 

Advanced Dynamics is an electric mobility manufacturer based in Singapore. We are retrofitting 19+ million used fossil fuel cars and trucks to solar electric vehicles. Founded in 2018, our goal is to solve the slow electrification problem in markets such as Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Electric Miles Ltd

Electric Miles has developed an intelligent SaaS solution for Electric Vehicle charging and charge flexibility sales to the National Grid. Electric Miles connects EV and home batteries with the best computer intelligence to reduce EV charging costs; improve carbon efficiency; and earn money for shifting charge scheduling.

EZ Charge Limited 

EZ Charge is a startup company that will operationalise 150 EV charge points around Oxfordshires’ Local Authority car parks.

Circunomics GmbH 

Circunomics is an IoT circularity platform, used by mobility OEM, utilities, recyclers and refurbishers to digitize the life-cycle of billions of batteries. By integrating a hardware tracking device, a neutral battery cloud, and a commercial layer, we are giving batteries a second life and ensuring 100% recycling rate.

EnPower, Inc. 

EnPower is developing fast charge Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles that can charge 3X faster and generate 70% higher power with no degradation to service life. The patented technology is drop-in compatible with existing cell manufacturing processes, enabling a licensing business model that will expedite commercialization and minimize paid-in capital.

Sunswap Ltd 

Sunswap are displacing diesel transport refrigeration units with the first cost-competitive battery and solar powered alternative. Refrigerated fleet operators such as supermarkets need a solution to address tighter regulations and the removal of the red diesel tax subsidy in 2022.

Smart Cities

& Building Tech


Airex a London based technology startup with the mission to tackle Fuel Poverty and Climate Change. We developed Airex, an IoT-enabled smart ventilation control (an “intelligent airbrick”) that monitors the environmental conditions and automatically regulates airlfow. As such, Airex reduces heat demand in buildings without compromising indoor air quality. The solution that is easy to install and pays back in 2-3 years via reduced energy bills.

EnPower, Inc. 

EnPower is developing fast charge Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles that can charge 3X faster and generate 70% higher power with no degradation to service life. The patented technology is drop-in compatible with existing cell manufacturing processes, enabling a licensing business model that will expedite commercialization and minimize paid-in capital.


SmartHelio has developed real-time automated reporting to provide diagnosis and prescriptive analysis to Solar plant owners (roof-top/utilities). We have our in-house plug and play edge computing based IOT sensor and AI platform to perform this analysis. We have clients in EU and India. Our motto is that we never let any solar plant get sick.

Vortexiot Ltd

VortexIOT makes the invisible visible by building AI driven data and network solutions that monitor air quality and detect pollution helping smart cities, industries and transport infrastructure to improve the environment. Wales-based. Founded 2017. IP rich. Strong investor base. Experienced board and multi-disciplinary team (25). Offices in Singapore and UAE.


Our mission is to develop real-time IoT solutions that integrate low carbon sensors and connectivity to help key productive sectors to efficiently manage their resources for a sustainable and responsible production reducing their impact on the planet and on the people.

My Global Home 

GLOBAL HOME is an UK Government award-winning company that provides developers with a platform to deliver sustainable and connected homes.
The platform delivers a marketplace for developers and consumers interested in sustainable developments.
The marketplace includes our own patented construction modules and smart home connectivity technology.



Vestemi’s mission is to reduce CO2 from homes and buildings via easy to install, easy-to-use AI technology. Our revolutionary heating control, Radbot, is designed to make energy efficiency simple, affordable and accessible for all. Vestemi’s ambition is for Radbot to become the industry standard for heating controls.


Water Resources


BOSAQ, the Sustainable water company, is a tech drinking water company focused on developing and selling technologies for decentralized drinking water supply, mainly to governments, in a sustainable and socially responsible way.


Propelair manufactures the world’s lowest water-flush toilet, helping commercial customers reduce costs, their impact on the environment and improve hygiene.
Propelair uses air to propel just 1.5 litres of water per flush, into existing drains, compared to 6-9 litres per flush for conventional toilets. It thus saves money, reduces water processing (thereby saving carbon), is quick to refill and is more hygienic than a conventional toilet, reducing aerosolised germs, including COVID-19, by 95%.


Waterblade is the invention of Nigel Bamford. It was his answer to the question, how can you make a small amount of water more useful.
It was developed (in part) at the University of Brighton with grants from Innovate UK, the EU and the The Green Growth Platform.
The product has grown in sophistication and performance, and currently enjoys sales and accreditation in the UK and Australia.


What goes in the oceans eventually arrives on our plates. Plastic microbeads used in cosmetics, paints and coating, and many other applications pollute the oceans and are an environmental and health hazard. Naturbeads is scaling up a technology to produce biodegradable cellulose beads to replace polluting fossil fuel-based plastic microbeads.

Saturas Ltd. 

As water is becoming scarcer and more expensive, with direct and reliable information on crop water status, farmers can save water and energy and increase yields. Saturas develops an innovative miniature trunk embedded SWP (Stem Water Potential) sensor for trees, vines, etc. to enables precision irrigation.